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Statically 43 percent of all Americans spend more on credit cards than they actually earn on their paychecks. Some would say how insane that is. Some would excuse it away over shopping woes, others will tell you a whole different story all together. Let's take an informed look at why debt and most especially credit card debt has managed to make itself a mountain that is almost unmovable.

It seems in America, the going flow of things is to allow almost anyone to obtain credit cards; students who are even underage are approached via emails and mass marketing to take it without wisdom, teaching or caution from the results and devastation that will soon follow on their credit ratings. Often time parents are too involved in their own lives to be involved enough with constraints on the new wave teenage spirit leaving these students and kinds at the mercy of credit card companies and banks who feed off that very fact. Most often when these "Free Credit Card" offers arrive in the mail it was targeted to people and families who were nearly in dire straits already and "Seemed" an answer to prayers or for Christmas perhaps for their kids or simply to obtain needed medications or to feed a family. Realistically they were baited and set traps to lure capture and target millions of innocent and unknowing people.

Then we have the average, typical normal family who takes the credit cards trying to just somehow stay afloat in a dog eat dog society, most often its due to high medical cost, non insurance, high cost of auto insurance, unemployment factors such as layoffs and company closures or simply just because the job didn't work out and wound up costing more money to keep the job due to day care or transportation issues. Where is real debt relief that these American families need today?

Regardless of the facts, we have a strapped economy of baby boomers, their children and also our older generation suffering as a result and needing real debt relief. Most typical options and responses to debt relief are debt consolidation agencies that in most cases want payments even though reduced in advance who has them or can meet that demand? Is it a real answer? For many it simply is not and the demands cannot be met by most, even in the smallest denomination. Credit counseling service? Good idea, but not an answer to the immediate issue. Do you need real debt relief? But don't lose courage or faith there is a method that empowers you! It gets you very involved and provides the right answers you need to the right organizations that are destroying your good name and credit through their political rating system that's unbridled by local, state and federal governments. Bankruptcy no longer has to be the answer and neither does agreeing to consolidate at the smallest payments on a system that will have you answering to them under one consolidated roof for years to come. Real debt relief is within your power you just need to right information, the right contacts , the right methods to beat the credit bureaus, collectors , banks and financial institutions back and not at the cost of an attorney!

Real debt relief that doesn't cost you what is a fortune or mountain to shoe people already strapped to the point of broken backs. Real debt relief that isn't a gimmick, real debt relief that empowers you to take control, builds your confidence, and returns your self esteem that the creditors have taken. Want to get out of debt the real way that is workable? Get out of real debt without filing bankruptcy? Get out of debt without consolidating massive amounts of bills and credit card payments into one gigantic mountain that's gains momentum while you still struggle to consolidate with lower payments? Credit solutions can help. IN FACT we can more than help you get out of real debt today, empower yourself contact us today at : and watch the debt roll away while you sleep, eat and speak.. Get real credit solutions.

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